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In 2018, Annabel’s opened the doors to its much-anticipated new home, a Grade I listed Georgian mansion house at 46 Berkeley Square. For the first time, Annabel’s now offers an all-day and all-night experience, set across 26,000 square feet, for Members to work, dine and entertain.

The original Annabel's opened in 1963 at 44 Berkeley Square. Over five decades The Club has earned a global reputation founded on superb service, exclusive ambience, first-class cuisine and unparalleled entertainment.


The Club's Dress Code does not wish to be binding or overly prescriptive, however we do politely ask our Members and their guests dress up for the occasion, and be respectful in their choice of smart attire. Please review the following guidelines to ensure that you and your guests are appropriately dressed for your visit to Annabel’s.


• Jeans may be worn, if in a solid colour.

• Linen suiting may be worn, but must be freshly pressed.

• A round neck t-shirt is permitted, if worn with a tailored jacket.

• Tailored shorts may be worn for ladies, however denim/linen shorts or hotpants may not.

• Leather and denim jackets are permitted, provided they are in good repair.

• Trainers and sneakers are permitted, provided they are in good repair. Trainers that appear

to be worn for exercise are not suitable for wearing in the Club.


• Shorts are not permitted for men.

• Ripped jeans are not permitted.

• Sportswear and gym wear are not acceptable, unless you are attending a pre-booked fitness event.

• Sports caps, baseball caps and flat caps are not permitted, however trilby style hats may be worn.

• Flip flops/flat sandals are not permitted.

• Excessive displays of skin are not permitted.

Our reception team reserve the right to turn away Members and their guests if they are deemed to be unsuitably dressed. Gentleman are required to wear a jacket/blazer at all times after 6pm, unless on the dancefloor! If wearing linen this should be freshly pressed.

We understand that on weekends the Club becomes a family friendly space, however we would request that all children and teenagers are attired appropriately in line with the dress code above.

Any Member or guest who, in theory, complies with our dress code but may not be sufficiently well-presented, could be refused entry to the Club. Management reserves the right to refuse admission to any party deemed to be unsuitably dressed.

Members are kindly advised that due to limited space in the cloakroom we are unable to accept and store suitcases, bikes, foldable bikes, scooters and any other large objects.



Dogs are most welcome on the Ground Floor of The Club until 6pm throughout the week, as long as they are accompanied by their Owner. Dogs are not allowed on the furniture.

Club Rules in Brief

  • Respect The Club as if it were your home
  • Members should refrain from taking photos anywhere in The Club
  • The Club is both a place of relaxation and business, so please always be considerate of Members indulging in either pursuit
  • Mobile telephones must be kept on silent
  • Speaking on the telephone and the use of laptops is permitted in The Mexican, The Elephant Bar and The Garden Bar during the day until 6pm. Members can also use phones in the staircases and reception.
  • Members are encouraged to dress for the occasion and be respectful in their choice of attire
  • Sneakers are permitted, though flip-flops, shorts, gym wear, sportswear, ripped jeans, baseball caps, hooded jumpers, beachwear, crop tops, fleeces, visible underwear and revealing outfits are not. After 6pm Gentlemen are required to wear jackets.
  • We would like to remind Members that smoking is only permitted in the designated Smoking Areas in The Club - The External Snugs and The Terrace, as well as The Humidor for those who prefer to smoke cigars.
  • Always ensure that your guests (and your pet dog, if it accompanies you) behave appropriately – they remain your responsibility
  • Dogs are only allowed on the Ground Floor, daily until 6pm and are not allowed on the furniture
  • Children under the age of 18 are allowed in The Club on weekends until 6pm
  • Members are welcome to bring three guests to The Club without a reservation and are reminded to present their Membership card on entering The Club
  • We want all of our Members to enjoy and feel comfortable when dining in The club. In order to maintain an elegant ambience, we ask that Members are accompanied by a mixed group of guests, aligned with the atmosphere of The Club
  • Members are reminded to stay with their guests throughout their visit and must not leave guests unattended in The Club, around The Club, or at The Club after you leave
  • Valet parking is not available for the time being
  • Bills cannot be signed to your membership account and must be settled on the day
  • Members please notify the Maitre'D if you decide to change your dining destination upon arriving at The Club. This is so that your original booking can be cancelled and a new reservation can be made for you.
  • In light of the current increased health and safety procedures being carried out at The Club we are temporarily suspending the lending of blazers to Members and their guests. The health and well-being of our Members is paramount, but we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

For the Club's Rules & Byelaws, please click here


All Birley Clubs premises are closely monitored using CCTV for the safety and security of our members and their guests, and our servants and agents of The Club.



The original Club at 44 Berkeley Square lays claim to a distinguished heritage that rivals that of luxury establishments across the world.

The Club, founded in 1963 by Mark Birley and named after his wife, was the first of its kind, a truly private Members-only nightclub that existed for an exclusive clientele.



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